Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Springs Into Hiding

My beautiful weather is slipping away into chilly skies and a cloud filled, uninspiring existence. BOOOOOO.

Let me repeat: BOOOOOO.

Today was almost a let down. I do believe, study un-conducted thus far, that my mood and productivity can be directly related to either A. the day of the week or B. the weather outside. That or... I'm running out of things to do!

Yes, I know. I've barely touched my crafts (I'm missing bits and pieces, damn you tiny town to which I was born - you shit on the soul of creativity with your lack of shopping opportunities!) and I've yet to begin cooking what's actually on my list but... they're not active enough. (Excuses, excuses... bad Crazy, again, NO COOKIE!!!)

Anyway, I've no pictures to share. *sad face* By the time dinner came out of the oven I was too hungry to grab my camera and I did nothing else that could be captured on film.

However, I've got two batches of dough waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow when I'll bake them up for the local drive in and I got some Wal Mart shopping done. With both kids in tow, nonetheless. That deserves a gold star at least! :D

My other accomplishment for the day? Rocking out to Queen in my car. Yes, that's right. I cranked my volume up to the point where I feared for my stereos, I beat my hands against the steering wheel, I head banged whenever traffic slowed (so, pretty much for the entire duration of my travel), and I yelled the lyrics aloud in exaggerated and dramatical voices. Dramatical, indeed.

My momentary nirvana with Queen, I also swam through the sea of unknown music today. Well, obviously someone knows the music to put it out there, but nearly every song that I listened to for the better part of two solid hours was new to my ears. It all started with this soundtrack here that I literally Stumbled upon and adored; afterall, if featured my most favorite band (of the moment). From there it was an exploration into new worlds, one trip happily smushed against another.

And so, in place of my numerous pictures, I instead offer a challenge. Music surf. Treat your ears to the unheard, the unknown, undiscovered and see where the new sounds take you. It's the cheapest, most satisfying travel I've ever known.

Where will you go?


  1. I was jamming out to Bon Jovi driving home the other night, being eternally grateful there wasn't one of those hidden camera things in my car to capture the moment. LOL!

    And I have to tell you that you motivated me a bit today. I actually started cleaning out the toy closet! I couldn't do much with the kids here since they want to keep everything, but I did manage to convince them to let go of a few things that are being dropped off at the local church tomorrow. Hopefully next week I can finish while they are both in school. Go me! LOL

  2. LOL! I was singing in the car too.

    You motivated me as well. I got my entry way redecorated. Or more accurately finished decorating it.

  3. Wooot! Ladies, your comments have just started my day with a gi-normous burst of feel goodness!! :D