Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First One Down!

With my superheros at my side, I moved into battle,
ready to tackle whatever evils awaited...

Together we went after the Dust Bunnies, Evil Microwave, and Unspeakable Terrors that lurked in the depths of the nooks and crannies. Together, we were triumphant!!!

Which made way for some cooking...

*bubble bubble toil and no trouble*

Which made some dinner

(4 cheese ravioli with homemade alfredo)

Which made full bellies for the adults while the kiddos chowed down on Gramma's famous sweet potato casserole. Still, task one successfully completed and that leaves room for another task tomorrow.

What does tomorrow bring exactly?

With any luck, baths for the kids, a fun, quick craft with them, and then...
dun dun DUN!!!
an attack on the Laundry Room of Doom!!!

*fingers crossed!*


  1. Well it definitely looks like you've got alot done today! and *gasp* you have my pink kitchen aide stand mixer I've been begging for 2 years! I'm green =D
    Keep up the good work! Love the blog btw!

  2. *muah!* Love YOU!!! :D

    The kitchenaid was my Christmas present from my Gramma Christmas before last.... i worship it. A highly reccomended investment. Tell Brett I'm begging with you now. ;)

  3. Looks like you got a lot done. Dinner looks like it was yummy. Your blog is fantastic! I love it.

  4. LOL I will tell him if he doesn't get me it, he will have to deal with the both of us!!! Heehee
    *still green* :D