Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ick Blahs

Have struck my house! Today allll of my many, many plans to go forth and create were smashed to smitherines at the early hour of seven... in the morning... before my eyelids should even have to contemplate cracking open.

Nevertheless, that was the time and my poor, darling daughter paid for the crime. "Mommy I'm cold all over, I have the sniffles, the sneezels, and coughels, and my head is hoooooot!"

Yay. Hello, illness, please, do come in and spread your evil ways about.

Suffice it to say, very little was accomplished today. I managed to finish up my chalkboard (pictures tomorrow, as the ick blahs are tickling my ribs today as well), which came out quite cute, if I do say so myself. I stained the small serving tray that I paid mere pennies for. (Erm, pennies, a few quarters, and perhaps a dime or two - but less than a dollar!!) However, I've yet to decide what I'm actually going to do with said tray.

Also, I started all the bits and pieces for a hanging mobil that I have high hopes for. Every time I look at it, I look back at my pile of bits and pieces and think "what the hell have I been doing to have so little when I need so much?!" and yet the answer never presents itself. I swear I'm not just twiddling my thumbs over here!

Oh! And I began my first attempt at toliet paper art. Or something like it. It's pretty straight forward, although I'm too impatient to take care with size and shape. Right now it's all hodgepodge so here's hoping glue and spray paint create miracles, yeah? Yeah.

Tomorrow's dinner is beginning to take shape in my mind. Some sort of chicken, japanese zuccini, rice, and salad. I suppose I should carry the oriental theme over to the chicken as well, but inspiration has yet to hit. There's still a large number of hours to go so I'm not yet worried.

And to keep things short and sweet, I shall cut my ramblings here. I do believe my darling dearest shared a bit of the cold she "catched" ("Well, why didn't you let it go?!) and it's making my head wonkier than usual - something that's considerably hard to do.

I bid thee farewell and protection for you and yours from the Ick Blahs!!! *waves magic wand*

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