Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Still Cameraless

However, I have, at least, done a few things and have plans to do a few more!!! :D yay!

I've got high hopes for a headband idea I had that's almost original. It will actually combine a headband pattern I found online with a bracelet concept, also found online. The overall idea was inspired by a really pretty hair piece 'Jessica' wore on True Blood. Yup, I just got the DVD series (late Christmas present - ha!) and just finished spending a bit of time in the deep south. Gosh, I love those vamps!!!

The rest of this week is going to be dedicated to making Drive In cookies, working, and fixing up a birthday gift or two for my sister, who will be 22 this weekend! Woot! She's also going to be a teacher so I'm going to have a little bit of fun with that concept! :D

Today sent me on a 'field trip' to Wal Mart where my dad and I selected a few decorational items for our back deck. I'm hoping to make it to a near by Big Lots before too long because they had some really ADORABLE lanterns that claimed to 'keep the bugs at bay' all while being super stinkin' cute!

My dad doesn't really want me to decorate our deck, but I'm being sly about it. ;) I'll wear him down before too long!

Also, I've changed over several of the 'eye pieces' in the house to welcome a blue and beach theme for summer. The weather here is already hitting highs of 102*, which means by true summer time we'll all be greasy blobs of crap on the roads any time we step foot from our houses, but it seemed a good enough inspiration to get cracking on bringing the beach in.

Once I find my bag of seashells (I've been looking for them for 3 days now), I've got a few simple projects that I'm hoping will enhance my decor!

And while my dad did have the week off of work, he stayed so busy doing things around the house that there wasn't time to get to my antiques. Next week I'm taking my girls and my grandparents and heading north for my cousin's graduation. We're going to put in some family time and my aunt has mentioned a few projects around HER house that she's interested in so I'll be sure to report in then, too! (I'll have my camera back!!!!)

After I'm back (and recovered - have you ever noticed the need for a vacation after a vacation?!) I'm going to get to cracking on that furniture one way or another. After all, what good is the internet if you don't use it to teach yourself a thing or two?!