Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Small Beginnings

So every time I said I'm going to do something I end up doing something else. It's a curse! It's a problem! It's an advanced degree in procrastination that I've not only procured for myself, but taken the Masters class in and passed! Here's to accomplishments! ;)

Today I've managed to get the run away dishes under control (they staged an attack while I was sick over the weekend), put away the multitude of cooking devices I cheated with yesterday to make a quick, simple, and full meal with last night, and get a migraine. Wait, what?

*le sigh* I've crap luck on the heath front right now, but thanks to the super hero aid of Excedrin Migraine and an imitation of a nap, I'm fully functioning once more. Now, to do the unusual of what I normally do and fulfill one of the goals on my list.

To make this transition from Procrastinator Extraordinaire to Woman Of Action smoother for myself, I am choosing the smallest, easiest task that I've set: Clean the kitchen counters.

If it weren't for the Evil Microwave and its fifty pounds of semi-dusty weight to drag about from place to place, this task wouldn't be daunting in the least. The counter tops that are Evil Microwave-free stay wiped down with a bit of daily love from my squirt bottle and scrubby rag. However, due to the aforementioned weekend sickness, all of my lovely kitchen is looking a bit worse for the wear. That's what you get when you leave your parents in charge, tsk tsk.

(Just kidding, mom... Mostly. <3)

I'll attempt to capture the utter rubbish-ness of my countertops in their before and after states. I have a tendency to rearrange things when I do in-depth cleaning as well. It might not happen this time, as my kitchen currently makes me smile, but I never know with myself. It's nice to be a mystery unto the world, especially when you're in the world. You get to surprise yourself all the time!

So now, armed with my super sidekicks Squirt Bottle, Scrubby Rag, Motivational Music Mix, and Super Strength, I head off to save the kitchen! from the unworthy and lowly Dust Bunnies that might attempt to stage an attack on tonight's dinner if not stopped in time!!!

Who knew cleaning could be so much like an episode of Captain Planet? Go figure. :D

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