Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust!!!

The List (as it stands)::

1. Cooking
1. Brown Sugar Meatloaf
2. Maple Porkchops OR Maple Salmon
3. Drunken Coffee Jello Squares - You can argue that these are "bake", but i'll argue back ;)
4. Homemade Cinnamon Bread

2. Baking
1. Eclairs! Loooove them! Now I want to MAKE them!
2. Cherry Pound Cake. Yum.
3. Playdough Cookies. Fun for the kids, too!
4. S'mores Cookie Bars My sister's obsession is slowly becoming my own.

3. Crafts
1. Flower Faires
2. Hair Bows
3. Paper Flowers
4. Toliet Paper Roll Wall Art

4. Cleaning
1. Organizing the Laundry Room Cabinets
2. Decorating the Mantel
3. Reorganizing the Baking Supplies
4. Cleaning the Kitchen Counters (the dreaded moving of the microwave!)

What, What?!

What is that? Why, yes! Yes, I did another TWO goals in ONE day. Can I get a whoop whoop??

*happy dance*

I was lazy this morning. Yeah, I got up at 7:30 (and when the hell did I become any sort of morning person) but after feeding the kiddos and getting them settled in with PBS toons, new coloring books, and their edumacational 'computer's, I tucked myself back against my pillows and began surfing the web.

I've now bookmarked a hundred bazillion things I want to do and make. Holy bejebus.

So then I started getting antsy. I did the dishes and sat back down to read a bit. Twenty minutes later I was up again. Maybe... maybe I could just... put up the laundry! But putting up the laundry led to cleaning 'just one cabinet', which led to two cabinets, which led to crossing "organizing laundry room cabinets" off my list. Freakin' woot.

Now, thing is, they don't really look all that organized. But they are, I swear it. *snicker* A lot of old stuff found new homes (*coughatticcough*) and my seasonal decorations finally had a place to hang out that wasn't a bottom drawer of a forgotten dresser.

ALSO, it cleaned up a HUGE chunk of space in my bathroom cabinet! Now I can chunk a bunch of other stuff into there! Yay!!!

After the laundry room victory I went back to sitting down.... and that didn't work out for me. I swear, I'm just twitchy right now. I like to stay busy, but this is durn near ridiculous with all the moving about I've been up to.

So... time to do a craft!!! This brilliant blog right here hooked me up with everything I needed. I gathered me up some supplies, sank into my favorite chair, turned Dora on for the youngsters (who were avidly watching me instead, sweet things) and got down to business.

Paper Roses... check

New Decorations... check, check, check!!!

Eventually, I'm going to collect some sticks from the yard, freeze them (to kill any bugs), spray paint them lightly with a touch of white paint, and then stick the little paper roses on them. They look sad just sitting there without a stem, but I didn't want to ruin their delicate nature with big ol' pipe cleaner stems. :P


After that my grandparents stopped by for a surprise visit (always a big yay) and we had dinner (I totally called for a Leftover Night). We made an attempt to beat the storm that was rolling in to get a bit of outside play time in, but JUST as we stepped out the door the rain began to fall down.

"I felt a splatter!!!"

So we agreed that a cup of ice cream would do as a nice substitute, coupled with a few computer games. Score. Bed time followed (no, they did NOT go quietly into this night) just as the storm began to peek.

Now I sit, enjoying the roll of thunder, the impending threat of tornados, and the sad realization that tomorrow shall not be an outdoor day. Sadness.

But I've got dinner plans in place (I've yet to do a single thing from my cooking list and tomorrow night will be no different, bad Crazy, no Cookie) and I'm looking forward to a nice sirloin tip roast with a herb rub, veggie companions, and fresh salad. Squee!

Perhaps if I can steal some Knox unflavored gelatin from my gramma I'll try some jello squares... you're supposed to make them "drunk" but there aren't many alcohols I like on a regular basis so perhaps I'll just try them with some creamer and see how it goes...? We'll see. Maybe I'll learn how to just sit down.



  1. You know, I thought about you today while I was sitting on my ass trolling through FB. LOL! Someday your business will motivate me to actually do something. =)

  2. It's addicting!!! Like Pringles! Once you pop you can't stop! *snicker*

  3. Wow!!! That laundry room is awesome!! You crack me up with all your organizing and cleaning, I love it!

  4. See? I wasn't exaggerating when I told y'all I was OCD! :D

    ...but i'm running out of things to clean! *gnaws at nails in worry*

  5. love ze roses! (sidenote: i'm in complete agreeance on stealing the like button. let's hijack facebook. sidenote's sidnote: i'm kidding zuckerberg. don't kick me off of my addiction.)

  6. Whoop, whoop!

    The laundry room looks awesome!

    The paper flowers look great. I might have to try making some.