Thursday, April 7, 2011


So the things I did today were small; mere baby steps toward finished projects. Hopefully tomorrow will allow me to finish off my "big project" for the week. I know I've got to make more cookies! Giant ones! Chocolate Chip & Spring M&Ms.... super simple, super classic. :)

Hope your days were productive. Mine was rather laid back, tinkering here and there, but spending the majority of it in the backyard with my girls, letting them enjoy the sunshine. I also did something that was quite rare for me these days - I read a book.

Now, I've always been a bookworm. ALWAYS. The only best friends I've had in life that didn't let me down were found in the pages of fiction. However, I found this wonderful thing called "fanfiction" and I've been stuck in the land of Drarry (oh, what a happy place to be, too!!!).

Feet dragging, I came back to the real world and read a real book. And then another. And then one more. And, finally, I had to make a run to a town thirty minutes away to buy the last three books of the series. I'm now eagerly anticipating them, but even more than that, I have to appreciate the trip to the store and back.

I got the kids down for the night, tucked away and tuckered out, and stole out the door. (NO! I did not leave them asleep and alone - my parents were both at the house!) The sun had officially set but the sky was still it with bright colors, stretching their rays and clinging to the clouds with quiet disparity. It was beautiful and it was a ride that I haven't taken in years.

A lot of memories and thoughts slid through my mind, carried on the wind of my open (yes, open) windows. It was peaceful and reflective and fun and something I really needed. Every now and then, I think we each need a bit of peace and beauty. I'm very thankful I got a moment of both.

Something more worth while tomorrow - it's my goal!!! :)

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  1. Yay for reading books!

    I was out the other day and got to open the windows it, was a nice drive, but it was broken up by to many errands. LOL