Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy as a Beaver During Wood Season

I made wood season up. I don't know if it exists, but I'd imagine if it did then beavers would be especially busy during that point in time. Just an assumption I came to after many long nights of pondering...

I've been pumping this project up for a long time now, it seems, and today is the day. The big reveal. Please keep in mind that this is only the first and hope, dear hope, holds to the notion that I'll find the bits and pieces to do this project at least once more in a more extravagant fashion. However, for a first go of it, I had a hell of a time and am very proud of the results.

So, without further ado, I give to you the steps and final production of a Birdelier.

Step One: Find an old Chandelier

Step Two: Clean it up & Spray it down (yay! spray paint!)

Step Three: Find a small bowl, or in this case, small clay pots - spray paint!

Step Four: Glue, epoxy, drill, connect said bowls/pots to chandelier in place of light fixtures
(Perhaps it should be mentioned in a previous step that you'll need to deal with the electrical fixings of of the chandelier, but I forget quite a lot of things...)

Step Five: Hang to dry for AT LEAST 24 hours... be kind to the birdies and don't kill them

Step Six: Hang!

Step Seven: Happy Dance to your heart's content as birdies come to feast in style!


Step Eight: Hang eggs from trees in the front yard to serve a double purpose; Easter and bird invitations by the dozen for only a dollar! What more could a lass ask for from the dollar tree??


Now, for some super exciting news that I am STILL squirming over...

Last night the family across the street decided to get rid of some of the furniture that was cluttering up their house and my mom saw it sitting by the road. Well, lovely furniture should never be left all to its lonesome so my mom yelled at me, I yelled at everyone else in my family (my grandparents, my aunt, and my cousin were all about to watch me flail fabulously out the door, already ooooing and ahhhhing over the found treasure) and took off at a flip flop flump pace. Translated, that means I went as fast as I thought I could without falling over or looking as excited as I felt.

My heart and lungs were doing jumping jacks. Jumping. Jacks. Exercise in my chest.


Anyway, I got three amazing pieces, one of which I forgot to take pictures of. (I'll fix that tomorrow!) Two antique, solid wood pieces; a dresser and a desk.



(better images before i begin the actual work!!)

They need a loving hand, but I'm SOOOO freaking EXCITED about this!!! I'll get to do REAL work! Sanding down and buffering and polishing and repainting, and all kinds of amazing, get dirty and make something gorgeous, WORK! Gah! I'm so in love!

The third piece was a medium size white dresser that I shuffled straight into my bedroom. Said action encouraged an immediate re-arrangement of the bedroom, my daughters' playroom, and today (oddly enough) my parents' closet. Right. Well, there's no rhyme or reason to me. But that's okay.

I'll post pictures of the progress of my parents' closet tomorrow. They're really weird about keeping their stuff just like it is and my mom likes to keep a LOT of stuff. Who am I to tell them not to do what they want in their house? No one... and they ignore me when I tell them things like that anyway. ;)

Ahhh.... major activities, how I love thee.

Other projects on the horizon::
* Cleaning out the sess pool that is our back bedroom and DONATING to the beloved Salvation Army
* Re-organizing the middle bedroom, which has been overrun with crafts, food, books, odds, and ends
* Fixing up the antique dresser & desk
* Re-arranging 3 rooms to accommodate new furniture
* Making a lamp!
* Finishing my abandoned mobile, poor thing
* Holding out hope that another chandelier enters my life!!! :D

Happy Huntings and Creation Explosions, y'all!! :)

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  1. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the end results with the furniture.

    The bird feeder is awesome.