Monday, May 30, 2011

Holy Bejebus!

I knew I had been slacking. Really, the thought had made me wince quite often as I started on a new project or changed direction in the never ending cycle to catch my own ass. (It's not as amusing as it would seem, to chase one's own tail when one's tail isn't even long or fluffy like the tail my little puppy sports. Actually, it's probably just weird, me being a grown woman chasing after her ownself.... It's probably not helping that I'm harping on this bad habit of mine. Right. Other topics now...)

But apparently this whole MONTH has been far busier than I realized. For one, I didn't realize that it had damn near been a full MONTH since I had posted anything here! Ack!

Bad me. BAAAAAAAD me. *shakes finger sternly at the reflection in the mirror whilst frowning fiercly!*

My self dicipline shall continue as I shake fingers, fists, and the like at myself, but in attempts to catch any of you that might still be out there in blog world, reading my [seldom] shared bits of craziness and creation... this is what I've been up to::

*Moving my sister from one apartment to another in a town 2 hours away
*Cleaning out sister's old apartment
*Hanging out with sister in new apartment so she was un-lonesome while attending summer sessions
*Making an "Over the Hill" cake for one of my mom's friends
*Making 222 Chocolate Chip Cookies for the local Drive In (Not all at once, but some every weekend)
*Working at the local Drive In (I dress up a mean burger, man!)
*Making Bride and Groom Oreo Balls (Pictures... as soon as I find my lost camera - doh!)
*Making paper flowers for glass vases (Pictures, same as before)
*Making single flower 'center piece' (Again with the lost camera)
*Changing spring decor to summer decor (Damn you, camera!)
*Making and taking a picnic lunch to my girls' last day of preschool (*tear*... and pictures...)
*"Visually cleaning" a friend's house
*Making my Poppy a banging vanilla cherry cake for his birthday

Whew!!! There were other things in there, like the weekly cleaning, laundry, shopping, chase your tail, didn't I say I was going to stop talking about that, packing, and unpacking-ness of living *deep breath* BUT that list is the general reason(s) why I've been so absent.

I vow to ye, near and far, to do better than I've been doing.

Now, for the things to come::
*Find durn-blasted and thrice-damned camera!!!!
*Make some pimp hair accessories from the odd bits and bobbles my sister gifted me with after cleaning out her stash of hair do's and don't's
*Make toliet roll binoculars for my girls
*Make toliet roll bracelets for my girls (sensing a theme? yeah, i've secretly been stashing toliet paper rolls for about 4 months now. I could probably lay of road of them from one side of my town to the other and still have a few left over. So, now's the time to get creative with them.)
*Take/Post pics of my backyard's before and after. My dad's been HARD at work. It runs in the family ;)
*Bribe my dad into helping me fix up those antique furniture pieces I smuggled home a while back - just so I don't ruin them by tackling them on my own
*Make a breakfast quiche for dinner... maybe a nice dessert, too. I'm thinking tiny no-bake cheesecakes... mmmm.... cheesecake

Cheesecake gives me Homer-face. It's a good look on me. :)

Thank you, to each and every one of you that cares enough to still read my insanities. I promise to post pictures as soon as I find my camera (I'll sic the kids on it, they're like nifflers after gold, never stopping till they find their prize) and I spent most of today looking for new projects. Boy, did I score on that account!!! I think I bookmarked over 100 ideas to take on!!

So, really, more to come, more frequently, more often! If there are any takers, I'll even offer up an Unbreakable Vow!

Okay, okay, I don't want to make too many Harry Potter references (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, END to an EPIC saga out in theaters July 15th!!!!) so I'll stop myself there! :D I'm not excited or anything... not at all....

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